RESPOND Study Protocol for Healthcare Workers

Led by researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in collaboration with researchers at Parc Sanitari San Joan de Déu, the study protocol for the RESPOND randomised controlled trial among healthcare workers in Spain has recently been published in Digital Health.

The study is the first randomised controlled trial that combines two WHO digital psychological interventions tailored for healthcare workers in Spain into one stepped-care programme, which is designed to reduce psychological distress in the target population.

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The first step involves using DWM (Doing What Matters in Times of Stress), which is a guided self-help intervention, via a smartphone app. The second step is PM+ (Problem Management Plus), which is a CBT-based 5-session psychological intervention focused on problem solving and management. It is delivered through video calls and is only used for participants who do not show improvement after step 1.

The goal of the trial is to see how well the new adapted version of the stepped-care intervention works in the target population, in this case, healthcare workers in Spain.

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Mediavilla, R., McGreevy, K.R., Felez-Nobrega, M., et al. Effectiveness of a stepped-care programme of internet-based psychological interventions for healthcare workers with psychological distress: Study protocol for the RESPOND healthcare workers randomised controlled trial. Digital Health. 2022;8.
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