University of Verona (UNIVR)

The Section of Psychiatry of UNIVR was designated by WHO as Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health and Service Evaluation on 23 February 1987. It provides care, education and research. Clinical activity takes place in the Psychiatric University Clinic, in the Mental Health Centre, in the staffed residential facilities and apartments for long-term patients, in the Outpatient Departments, and in other community-based facilities, which constitute an integrated system of mental health care, dedicated to the residents in the South-Verona area (100.000 inhabitants) and run by the University of Verona in collaboration with the Hospital Trust and the Local Health Trust No.20. Education and training is provided for undergraduate students in medicine, in psychosocial rehabilitation and in other health professions, post-graduate residents and post-graduate Ph.D. students. The main research activities focus on epidemiological and social psychiatry (including economics and geography of mental health studies), genetics and neuroimaging of schizophrenic and bipolar disorders, clinical psychopharmacology, communication in medicine and evaluation of mental health services. The staff (more than 50 persons) includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, computer scientists, physicists, geographers and social scientists, statisticians, technicians and secretaries.


Prof. Dr. Corrado Barbui

Principal Investigator

Giulia Turrini


Michela Nosé


Claudia Lotito


Beatrice Compri


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