University of New South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW Sydney is one of the leading universities in Australian, is ranked 48 in the world on the QS ranking. UNSW Sydney has more than 59,000 students and 7,000 faculty and research staff. UNSW has established major priorities towards global research initiatives, and undertakes pioneering research and sustained innovation are addressing some of the most important issues of today – from climate change and renewable energies to lifesaving medical treatments and breakthrough technologies in the social sciences. UNSW Sydney has devoted considerable efforts towards COVID-19 recovery, including focused research efforts on the vaccine development, treatments, public health initiatives, and mental health augmentation strategies.

The UNSW School of Psychology is ranked 18th internationally on the QS rankings. The School of Psychology and its affiliated institutes boasts some of the world’s leading research expertise in traumatic stress, digital platforms for mental health conditions, workplace mental health, and health worker mental health. The School of Psychology partnered with the World Health Organization in development of the Self-Help Plus and Problem Management Plus psychosocial programs, and actively participated in the initial trials of these programs.


Prof. Dr. Richard Bryant

Principal Investigator

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