London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a specialist university with an international intake and global reach. Its research and teaching span the full breadth of the social sciences, from economics to sociology. Founded in 1895, the School has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. LSE has 16 Nobel Prize winners and 34 past or present world leaders have studied or taught at LSE. In 2014 LSE’s outstanding success in the national Research Excellence Framework Exercise confirmed it as a world leading research university, where LSE ranked first in the UK for its research in the social policy field. Based within LSE, the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC) is the foremost social care and mental health economics research centre in the UK and one of the leading such groups internationally. Its mission is to conduct high-quality policy analysis, evaluation and research to inform policy, practice and theory, and is regularly commended for its ‘exceptional track record in adult social care research’ and ‘significant contribution to strengthening the evidence-base for policymaking in key areas’. Since 2004 alone, CPEC has had number of research awards totalling over £51 million, and produced over 800 peer-review journal papers, books and reports. CPEC has particular expertise in economic evaluations in social care and mental health (and increasingly also in other public health and healthcare areas). CPEC research has provided evidence to underpin developments in policy and practice discussions, feeding into various national and international government bodies. CPEC also hosts the International Long-term Care Policy Network which aims to promote the global exchange of evidence and knowledge on long-term care policy.

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