Amsterdam University Medical Center, location VUmc (VUMC)

VUMC represents one of the 8 University Medical Centers in the Netherlands, where teaching, research and patient care are fully integrated in one organization. Annually VUMC hosts approximately 2300 students and approximately 700 fte scientific staff. The research priorities of VUMC are organized in 8 large and world-class interfaculty research institutes. In these institutes, researchers from different disciplines, including (para)medical sciences, biology, psychology, movement sciences, social sciences, physics, chemistry, and pharmacology closely collaborate in order to establish a truly applied, translational research programme that addresses current challenges in society. Prime research institutes of VUMC are the Amsterdam Neuroscience (AN) and Amsterdam Public Health (APH). APH applies multidisciplinary research in primary care and public health, focusing on mental health, chronic diseases and ageing. At AN professional of all generations collaborate in the field of Translational Neuroscience to an extent that is unique in the Netherlands. All research activities are essentially interdisciplinary and incorporate the newest theoretical, methodological and application paradigms currently available. Both research institutes have an extensive international group of affiliated researchers (>400 research staff members) that guarantees access to diverse, multidisciplinary expertise and hands-on genomics, neuro-imaging and biology labs.


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